Studio Senior Portraits in Stafford, Virginia

It’s always a bonus when we get a high school senior guy for senior portraits. Normally it goes something like “I’m doing this for my mom”! By the end of the sessions, the guys always admit to me that they had fun! Nakia came into the studio for Lacrosse pictures for the North Stafford Lacrosse banner that I sponsored. We got some cool lacrosse pics, and squeezed in some other fun shots, including the ring light. Nakia was super excited to be in the studio, and was lots of fun to work with. When he and his mom came in for their ordering appointment, they shared with me that the goofy picture with one eye closed was one of their favorites! I have to say, it makes me smile too! I love capturing unique expressions, and I like to make sure they are included in the gallery. We wish Nakia and all the Class of 2017 graduates a blessed, safe, successful adventure! We are currently accepting Class of 2018 Senior Reps, call now!


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