Senior Portraits in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia

This is the adorable, smart, funny High School Senior, Julia!   As with all of my clients, I touched base with Julia prior to her session to chat about wardrobe.  Julia did a great job with solids, textures, and color harmony.  The only reservation I had with Julia’s outfit choices was that it was a 40 degree winter day in December!  I have no problem photographing in the elements with warm layers!    I had Julia pack some layers, and I even packed a few things that I thought she may be interested in.  This girl is hardcore because she said she is not a fan of cold weather, or anything (including warm clothes) associated with it, so she decided to forego the sweaters, cardigans, jackets, scarves and coats!  So this busy girl, who could only fit in this timeframe, decided to tough it out and rock her 40 degree session for over an hour.  If I were to guess, determined and tough cookie may be among the many qualities Julia possesses!  She obviously knew what she was doing because that sleeveless (brrrrrrrrr) purple top paired beautifully with the gorgeous stonewall at Gari Melcher’s Belmont Studio in downtown Fredericksburg, VA.  We wish Julia and all of the Class of 2017 graduates a blessed, safe, successful journey.  We are now accepting Senior Reps for Class of 2018.


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