Family Portraits Stafford, Virginia

I knew I liked this family when I was first commissioned to photograph  their daughter’s High School senior portraits, and the senior rocked her session regardless of the fact that we were nearly carried away from clouds of bugs, and mom was a rockstar assistant who shared a love for snapchat!!!  Yes kids, moms rock snapchat too!  A handful of months later, I was able to photograph the entire family.  FIVE kids, and there was no complaining or conflict, just a super fun day capturing just how much this family loves each other.  When I delivered the portrait order to their home, all of them seemed so excited to see their beautiful 16×24 canvas framed wall print, and all the other prints, I thought that was so cool that everyone was so excited!  THIS is why I am a full service portrait photographer!  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and please let me know if I can help with your family portrait needs.  If you would like to see more family portrait photos, feel free to view my gallery.  


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