Ocean Isle Beach, NC Senior Portraits

Have camera, will travel~DESTINATION SENIOR PORTRAITS. I traveled from Virginia to Ocean Isle, Beach, NC for Kayleigh’s senior portrait session. I fell in love with this lovely, easygoing little beach town. The cool thing about hiring a photographer from out of the area is that your portraits will look a little different from the local photographers, opening up a blank canvas for scouting locations. If you want your senior portraits to look different than the 5 high schools in your town, consider a road trip. The options are unlimited!

WHAT ARE SOME KEY ELEMENTS IN CHOOSING A LOCATION FOR A PHOTO SHOOT? There are many factors that go into choosing a location for a photo shoot. An interesting BACKGROUND/main attraction is one of the more obvious reasons, but not the only one, and not always top priority. Lighting tops the list for many pros. Not only the quality of light (harsh or low/sweet light), but the access to buildings or objects to naturally reflect light, and to provide open shade. COLOR HARMONY with the subject/wardrobe is very helpful in ensuring an aesthetically pleasing photo. I love Kayleigh’s choice of outfits. The orange jumpsuit was perfection already, and then we happened to pull in to a new community with all these adorable pastel colored homes. The first thing I saw was this orange door at the community center. We jumped out of my SUV, quick set up the lighting, and captured this stunning image just before the North Carolina skies opened up.

Speaking of weather, it’s no surprise that beach photos are windy, but we were tasked with gayle force winds this particular late afternoon. Kayleigh was such a good sport (with great hair!) because seriously, we were being whipped around, and had to pack it up with no beach pictures. Fortunately there were no quitters in the truck, and after we captured a few cool locations, we went back to the beach for a brief moment of slightly calmer winds.

This destination senior portrait session was certainly an memorable adventure! Why not book a destination session!


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