BFF Senior Session downtown Fredericksburg

Bring a friend, or a sibling, or a pet! We will have twice as much fun 😉 Let’s talk about a few (and there are many) elements to achieve aesthetically pleasing portraits. Browse my previous posts for more tips! MOVEMENT naturally draws attention to photos, evokes emotion, and heartfelt impact. Some examples of capturing movement are hugging, kissing, laughing, jumping, dancing, performing an activity/sport, etc. I absolutely adore this portrait of two long-time friends sharing a special connection. Movement is more storytelling and pleasing for the viewers.

One way to hone in on your subject is to FILL THE FRAME with a nice CLOSE UP. This will also help with removing any unwanted backgrounds and distractions. Our eyes will naturally scan the photo, and come right back to the main attraction, the eyes. COMPOSITION is key to posing your subjects. Photographers follow the RULE OF THIRDS when posing so the point of interest falls on certain intersecting lines within a grid. Notice where the eyes are. There are instances where “breaking the rules” make for very impactful photos, but more the exception. Put an imaginary grid on photos that you view, and you’ll start to apply this to your photos.

Downtown Fredericksburg never disappoints! So much to see/photograph, do, eat, and drink!


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