Photographing your passion during Senior Portraits is my goal!

This amazing Senior opted for the full experience, including multiple locations! Carrington’s ‘goal’ was to make sure she included her brother, her precious golden retriever, soccer, and cap & gown photos as part of her senior portraits. It truly is an experience for seniors…their time to shine and feel special, and I love that I got to be a part of that. As we explore elements for aesthetically pleasing photos, CLOSE-UP/ZOOM is a big one, after all, your subject should be the MAIN FOCUS! Our eyes are going to scan all around a photo, so if we crop in tight to our subject, and eliminate any distraction, it will be a more impactful photo. I used my 70-200 2.8 lens for this shot. Even though it appears that I am right next to Carrington, I’m backed up quite a bit. My choice of this telephoto lens and my perspective creates compression (background appears closer) and blurs out the background.

Carrington looks pretty cool despite the fact that we were nearly melting on this turf! Athletes are impressive to begin with, but working on turf gives a whole new appreciation. This beauty is a champion, and obviously her brother agrees with that big, loving hug! If you haven’t already, scroll back a few blog posts for tips/benefits of including someone special at your session.

Awe! Golden Retreivers are the SWEETEST! We have an 11 year old Golden (James) who does the same thing with his paw. It’s a puppy hug 🙂
As if she isn’t cute enough, her smile is spectacular, and omg her beautiful skin tone! Here is a favorite of mine (and mom who got a canvas wall portrait of this beautiful close-up).

When you book the full senior experience, I design a complimentary 5 x 10 collage which my seniors and parents LOVE! I adore these cap and gown pictures! You can tell that Carrington is ready to step into her new adventure and crush the opponents!


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