The power of color~foliage session

Colors have a huge influence in photography. We’ve all heard of the psychology of colors, whether it is related to mood, emotions, marketing, art, etc. Virginia is full of spectacular colors, and fall foliage is a very popular time for senior and family portraits. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, communication is key when selecting wardrobe for portraits. This adorable High School Senior did a fantastic job with color harmony for the environment. I love Abby’s yellow sweater for her fall session. Yellow represents sunshine, gold, happiness, good energy, and joy to name a few! And talk about natural habitat for a reader, how cool is this tree!!

Another wardrobe tip I like to give my clients is to bring a variety, and one of the reasons is because it will be very difficult to pick only one favorite pose, so why not have different looks that could have the appearance of a different season. I’m soooo excited about Abby’s portrait order; she will be displaying her beautiful portraits in a stunning folio keepsake box! Now Abby’s parents will get to display and swap out ten of their favorite poses. Mom fell in love with the green portraits, easy to see why! Green is associated with luck, freshness, youth, success, energy, calm, and zen. I guess this means my website home page is calming zen!

Red and burgundy are rich colors, associated with luxury, sophistication, energy, and excitement to name a few. Well that makes sense…GO CAPS! I’m so glad we got to incorporate some of Abby’s favorite things in her session.

It was such a pleasure working with Abby and her family. I love how her mom was so excited to honor Abby during this special milestone. It’s fitting to say on the eve of Thanksgiving, that I am just so grateful among many things, to be blessed with the best clients! Abby, I loved your session, I’m so happy you did as well 🙂


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