Guys like their Senior Portraits taken too!

I’ve heard some parents talk about how their daughters are all about having the senior portrait experience, but their sons aren’t interested. Fortunately, all of my male senior portrait clients have been quite cooperative and pleasant! I have definitely heard the line that “I’m doing this for my mom” a few times, and I’m cool with that as long as I get some nice smiles…haha! But in my opinion, I believe they actually enjoy the experience, partly because it’s a good feeling to know their loved ones want pictures of just them. Also, with senior year being so busy, some of these kids blink and graduation is upon them. The senior portrait session allows them to pause and take it all in while feeling like a celebrity! Ian’s session was such a blast. He was so kind, cooperative, relaxed, and up for anything I suggested.

With guys, they just naturally form into what I call the “dude pose”, which helps make their photos so relaxed and natural. I love when I can capture both a natural smile, and a not angry looking serious expression!

With several session options to choose from, we were able to capture an urban scene as well as some fall foliage. They are only High School Seniors once! Now mom and dad have a stunning 16×24 canvas gallery wrap of Ian on their wall and lots of gift prints! Admit it, who doesn’t feel loved when seeing their photos displayed in loved ones homes!

Senior Portraits are now checked off this 2020 graduate’s list. Next up the final decision between city college life and country college life! Come in for your college t-shirt pic when decided!


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