I’ve heard some parents talk about how their daughters are all about having the senior portrait experience, but their sons aren’t interested. Fortunately, all of my male senior portrait clients have been quite cooperative and pleasant! I have definitely heard the line that “I’m doing this for my mom” a few times, and I’m cool […]

Colors have a huge influence in photography. We’ve all heard of the psychology of colors, whether it is related to mood, emotions, marketing, art, etc. Virginia is full of spectacular colors, and fall foliage is a very popular time for senior and family portraits. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, communication is key when selecting […]

As a professional photographer, it’s my job to show your true self through your portraits. It’s not necessary to be comfortable in front of the camera, and I won’t try to portray you in a different manner. I want your family to say “that’s who you are” when seeing the final product. Welcome back to […]

Bring a friend, or a sibling, or a pet! We will have twice as much fun ūüėČ Let’s talk about a few (and there are many) elements to achieve aesthetically pleasing portraits. Browse my previous posts for more tips! MOVEMENT naturally draws attention to photos, evokes emotion, and heartfelt impact. Some examples of capturing movement […]

My previous blog post touched on location selection and some elements such as lighting, color harmony/wardrobe to achieve an aesthetically pleasing portrait. There are so many elements, so I will be tackling a few at a time. TEXTURE AND PATTERNS MAKE GREAT BACKGROUNDS AND FOREGROUNDS. Brick, cobblestone, tile, and wood to name a few. There […]

Have camera, will travel~DESTINATION SENIOR PORTRAITS. I traveled from Virginia to Ocean Isle, Beach, NC for Kayleigh’s senior portrait session. I fell in love with this lovely, easygoing little beach town. The cool thing about hiring a photographer from out of the area is that your portraits will look a little different from the local […]

With all the choices out there, I am always honored when clients choose me to photograph their loved ones. ¬†Whether it is High School Senior Portraits, Family Portraits, precious babies and children, business headshots/corporate, or anything in between! ¬†I especially love when my clients come back! ¬†I had the opportunity to photograph Amaya’s sister a […]

Senior portraits in downtown Fredericksburg with Tracy Brown Photography is such a fun experience! ¬†More than likely you will feel like a rockstar with all the amazing urban backdrops, lights, camera, and action! ¬†What may look like a run-down¬†alley, turns out to be a super cool background. ¬†Coordinating your senior portrait location is key in […]

To ensure a successful portrait session,¬†it is important to me to communicate with my clients, so that I know exactly what they are hoping to get out of their session. ¬†This applies to¬†all types¬†session types, including this High School Senior session! ¬†Spring and Fall are very popular times for outdoor portraits, but there’s something about […]

When I get asked the question of whether the high school senior could/should incorporate his or her vehicle, I say YES PLEASE! ¬†Your senior portraits are about who you are in this moment. ¬†I still talk about my first car, it’s part of our high school experience. ¬†Look how relaxed and happy Travis is when […]